10 Reasons Why to Start the Aerobic Exercise to Stay Healthy

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10 Reasons Why to Start the Aerobic Exercise to Stay Healthy

Aerobic exercise is a kind of cardiovascular conditioning that is beneficial for our body. The activities included in the aerobic exercises are swimming, running, walking, cycling, and brisk walking.


How much aerobic exercise a person should do?

According to the American Heart Association, a human being should do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days a week to stay healthy. You can go for 10 minutes walk three times a day. On the other hand, you can perform the anaerobic strengthening sessions two or more times every week for strengthening your muscle groups. It would help if you took a doctor's advice before starting this new exercise. The doctor will do the complete health checkup and then guide you to fix a workout routine that you can follow regularly. Furthermore, it is safe and effective for you to do. 


List of aerobic exercise you can perform at home


You can do the cardiovascular at home. Many people can do these aerobic exercises at home without using any equipment. You should do a warm-up session of 5 to 10 minutes before starting the exercise regularly. It will boost the strength of your body. 

  • Jump Rope 

  • Walking 

  • Running or Jogging 

Aerobic Gym Exercises 


You can join a local gym to start with the aerobic exercise over there. These gyms have equipment available with them like treadmill, stationary bikes and elliptical machines. In other gyms, there is swimming pools public where you can swim and take laps too. 

How does the body respond to aerobic gym exercises?

In regular aerobic exercise, you move your arms and legs. Soon, you will notice a positive response in your body. Continue the practice of exercising regularly to see the change in you. You will breathe deep and faster. Then, it will maximize the oxygen flow in your body. No matter is your age; aerobic exercise is beneficial for everyone. You want to get stronger and fitter and start doing these exercises soon. 


10 Benefits of doing aerobic exercises 

Aerobic exercises are beneficial for your body. People of any age group can start doing it. Here are the ten benefits you will get from aerobic exercises. Without wasting your time, you can do these exercises. 

  • Chronic conditions management: Aerobic exercises are helpful to control the blood sugar and blood pressure of your body. Furthermore, it improves the functioning of the body parts. It reduces arthritis pain in the body. On the other hand, these aerobic exercises are best for those who want to stay fit and improve their lives after recovering from cancer.  

  • Good for maintaining heart strength: It is essential to know that a strong heart does not beat fastly. You do regular exercises then, it will improve heart strength. Additionally, your heart will able to pump the blood in your body efficiently. 

  • Boosting your mood: Aerobic exercise can boost your mood and reduces tension and depression. We are facing issues due to our unhealthy lifestyle and work stress. To deal with these things you should adopt regular exercising to maintain the body fitness. 

  • Stay active at any age: You want to remain active at any age of your life. Then, it would help if you did 30 minutes workout daily. You can start doing the aerobic exercises in your home or join a gym nearby. Choose these things according to your wish.  

  • Keep the arteries of your body clear: An essential benefit of daily exercise to clean the arteries of the body. It is helpful for properly pumping the blood. 

  • Reduce the health risks in your body: You want to stay away from chronic health conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. It is possible only when you do aerobic exercise. You should perform these types of workout sessions only on the advice of the doctor.  

  • Increase fitness and stamina: Initially, you may feel tired and exhausted when you start with the aerobic exercise. In the long term, you will like doing these exercises. It will increase the stamina in your body. Furthermore, you will get stronger and improve the heart and lungs performance in your body.  

  • Weight loss: Regular exercises along with balanced is good for your body to control your weight. You can start with aerobic exercise. Furthermore, do not forget to eat a nutritious diet to get energy. Then, you can stay fit by reducing excess pounds in your body.  

  • Long Life: The people who want to live a long life, then exercising is helpful for them. Some studies have shown that to reduce cancer and heart disease risk. Then, you can do proper and regular aerobic exercise.  

  • Activate your body immune system: To boost your body's immune system, you can do aerobic exercise. Immune is essential for your body to fight diseases. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Aerobic Exercises

Q1) What are some examples of aerobic exercises?

Examples of aerobic exercises include

  • Cycling 

  • Swimming 

  • Running or Jogging 

  • Stationary Bike 

  • Zumba Dance

  • Treadmill

Q2) What is aerobic exercise?

The type of cardiovascular conditioning is aerobic exercise. Furthermore, it includes a list of running, walking, cycling, brisk walking and swimming. On the other hand, aerobic exercises boost your body's strength. 

Q3) Which aerobic exercises are best for weight loss?

The list of aerobic exercises beneficial for reducing body weight is:

  • Skipping 

  • Running 

  • Cycling 

  • Stair training 

Q4) What kind of aerobic exercises is helpful to reduce belly fat?

Some of the best cardio exercises that can reduce the belly fat include:

  • Biking 

  • Rowing 

  • Join the group fitness exercises 

  • Swimming 

  • Cycling 

  • Walking 

  • Running 

Q5) What are the benefits of doing aerobic exercises?

Aerobic exercises are beneficial for weight loss, boosting the body's immunity, reduces the chance of heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes. 

Final Words:- 

Take the first step to start aerobic exercises

Are you ready to become more active? You must take the first steps. Are you willing to start exercising? You should not use some simple exercises initially. With the doctor's advice, you can do some heavy workouts in the gym or at your home. It is compulsory for everyone should do 30 minutes of regular exercises. It includes cycling, walking and jumping rope. These aerobic activities will give strength to your body strength and refresh you. 

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