5 Productive Morning Habits that can Change your Day

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5 Productive Morning Habits that can Change your Day

Morning is said to be the most essential part of the day. It usually depends on our morning how our whole day will be going. So it’s really necessary to have a productive morning, in order to have a productive day. And therefore, here we are sharing with you 5 morning habits to have a productive day.


5 Productive Morning Habits-

  • Make your Bed
  • No phone for first 2 hours
  • Making a to-do list and also a not-to-do list
  • Exercise / stretch your body
  • Don’t have coffee straight away


1. Make your Bed

Make your Bed
Making the bed first thing in the morning may sound weird to you, but it has a meaning behind it. After waking up, making your bed is the first thing you do and with that, you have accomplished the first task of the day. This will motivate you to complete other tasks of the day quickly, and you will feel energetic the whole day.

William H. McRaven, a retired U.S naval officer has written a whole book on this topic namely, ‘Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life... And Maybe the World’ which is a New York Times bestseller. Where the Author says, ‘If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.’


2. No Phone for the First 2 Hours

No phone for first 2 hours
This might sound impossible to you, being in the 21st Century, but this habit of checking the phone early in the morning has negative effects. Early in the morning, there are many notifications on the phone, and you ought to check them which will take away time and attention early morning and according to Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi, who is a psychiatrist, the overload of the information hits you when you are still not awake which affects your ability of the brain to prioritize the tasks.

It is more likely to stress out yourself feeling overwhelmed with all the information, leaving you less productive throughout the day. And you need to be really mindful about the first two hours of your day to have a productive day. So during this time do all the things that make you feel happy and good about yourself. It can be jogging, going to the gym, spending time with loved ones, reading books etc.


3. Making a to-do list as well as a not-to-do list

Making a to-do list and also a not-to-do list
You might be confused reading about a not-to-do list along with the to-do list. But it's necessary to have a not-to-do list to avoid wasting time unnecessarily on unwanted things that you might regret later.

To-do list is a list of things that are supposed to be completed in a day. But a not-to-do list is a list of things that you should not do during the day. It can be something that wastes your time while doing your work, and it can also be something that distracts you, and you lose your concentration, so making a not-to-do list can help with this.

Making a to-do list can save a lot of your time in the day because you have a list of tasks to be completed ready with you so you don’t have to waste your time thinking about what should be the next task you want to accomplish. It also helps in staying organized. Also, knowing the things which are completed and which needs to be completed helps you to stay motivated and focused.


4. Exercise/Stretch your Body

Exercise stretch your body
Doing some exercise early in the morning makes you feel fresh and active. Because of sleeping for hours, our body becomes rigid and energy in the body is low. So this helps you in loosening your muscles and flexibility in your body. It also helps in relieving stress in the body and improves blood circulation in the body. So you feel fresh the whole day.

Along with exercise, if you do yoga and meditation for some time in the morning, you have good mental health and start your day with a fresh mind that helps to do all the tasks with positivity which helps to accomplish them and have a productive day.

The CEO of the luxury brand Equinox, Mr Neki Leondakis who does yoga daily says "I've always known that you have to be physically healthy and strong to be mentally healthy and strong. It's all connected."


5. Don’t have Coffee Straight Away

Don’t have coffee straight away
We should not have coffee first in the morning though that might sound logical and normal to us because according to the health experts it is better to have water first in the morning. The reason for this is that after going several hours without water, the first thing to hydrate the body is water, which also helps in aiding metabolism and digestion.

The organs and tissues of the body depend on water to function, as it is an essential nutrient. We need to compensate for the lost amount of water which our body loses regularly to avoid dehydration in the body. Actress and author Cameron Diaz  say  it is necessary that your day starts with energy.

She also said that for her, the day starts with waking up, brushing teeth and drinking some water and also said to drink a liter of water straight down. So it is a good idea to drink a good amount of water before drinking any kind of coffee or tea which helps you feel energetic.

And it is necessary to drink a good amount of water during the whole day to be hydrated. We should drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.



1. What is the necessity of a morning routine?

It is necessary to have a good morning routine to schedule and plan our day better, so we can control our schedule and have a good day.


2. Does having a morning routine make a difference?

Yes, research show that people following a morning routine and scheduling their work have a more productive day than those who work without planning.

So, the facts and research also shows and also proves that it is important to have a good morning routine to have a productive day as good mood in the morning helps you work with energy and freshness. Now you should also make your morning routine so that you can have a productive day with no work left and no regrets for not doing any tasks or work at the end of the day.

Veer Singh

Veer Singh