Beginners Guide on Paleo Diet: What to eat or not and how it works. 

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Beginners Guide on Paleo Diet: What to eat or not and how it works. 

The diet plan of the paleo diet is based on the food items that have eaten during the Paleolithic era from 2.5 million years ago. The food items have included in this diet plan are fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, seats, and fish. Therefore, the paleo diet plan keeps a limit on the food items obtained through the farming practices 10,000 years ago.


Content Topics

  • What is the purpose of starting the paleo diet?

  • What to eat or not while following the paleo diet plan?

  • Things to include in your daily menu of the paleo diet

  • 7 Paleo Diet Food Items Essential to Keep in Your Pantry

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Paleo Diet

  • Final Words


What is the purpose of starting the paleo diet?

Following the paleo diet is to start eating as the early humans did in the past. However, the human body has mismatched genetically with the modern diet plants. Therefore, switching with the older diet plans is beneficial for keeping their body healthy.

People follow the paleo diet to maintain their weight and stay healthy. However, the change in the modern diet is the cause behind diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Therefore, people started adopting the old diet plans to keep their bodies fit and healthy.


What to eat or not while following the paleo diet plan?

paleio diet

In general, you need to follow the strict guidelines to start with the paleo diet plan. On the other hand, some people follow strict diet plans. You want to start with a paleo diet then follow some simple guidelines.

List of food items you should eat:

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Lean Meals

  • Oils that have obtained from fruits and nuts like walnut oil and olive oil

  • Fish


What food items should you avoid while following a paleo diet?

  • Avoid eating grains like barley, wheat, and oats

  • Refined Sugar

  • Salt

  • Highly Processed food items

  • Dairy products

  • Legumes include beans, peanuts, lentils, and peas

Things to include in your daily menu of the paleo diet

Check out what food items you should include in your daily menu of the paleo diet:

  • Breakfast: You should have cantaloupe and broiled salmon in your breakfast.

  • Lunch: In your lunch, you can eat boiled lean pork and salad that includes romaine, carrot, walnuts, cucumber, and lemon dressing on salad).

  • Snacks: You are following the paleo diet, then you can have snacks before your dinner. It includes oranges, celery sticks, and carrot sticks.

  • Dinner: Start eating salad, roasted Lean beef sirloin, and steamed broccoli in your dinner.


7 Paleo Diet Food Items Essential to Keep in Your Pantry

Keep the stock of the paleo diet items before going to start the diet plan. Are you planning to start a new diet plan? To set yourself to succeed in following the paleo diet plan, you should keep essential items at your home. It would help if you kept loads of items meat, fruits, and vegetables.


Here is the list of 7 foods you should keep in your pantry before starting a paleo diet plan:


food box

  • Organic Beef Jerky: In the paleo diet, there are limited snack options available. You are not entirely out of luck when you have the paleo-friendly snack organic beef jerky. It has an adequate amount of iron and protein in it.

  • Raw Walnuts: Some paleo diet followers emphasize meat and animal-based products to fulfill your body's protein demands. However, they fail to realize the importance of plant-based foods. They suffer from the deficiency of fiber in the body, so start eating plant-based foods. You can eat the chopped raw walnuts regularly.

  • Avocado Oil: The paleo pantry is incomplete without the avocado oil jar. Additionally, Avocado Oil is a healthy plant-based oil. It contains a low amount of monounsaturated fat that can keep their heart in healthy condition. You can put this oil in low-heat and no heat dishes like salads.

  • Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds: You may face magnesium deficiency while sticking to the paleo diet. Therefore, you can eat the sprouted pumpkin seeds. It is a rich source of magnesium.

  • Almond Flour: Almond Flour is rich in healthy fats and fiber. It would help if you stocked the all-purpose flour in your pantry to make your paleo diet plan successful.

  • Dried Apple Rings: Before starting the paleo diet, you need to say goodbye to the processed sugar items. Dried Apple Rings are useful to satisfy your sweet tooth demands. You can have a natural sweet item in your snacks. Additionally, you can include these apple rings dried in the salad too.

  • Chia Seeds Organic: You have to limit the consumption of dairy items while following the paleo diet. Therefore, to deal with the calcium deficiency risk, you can have organic chia seeds in your diet. Prepare homemade pudding and add chia seeds to them. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition small study has revealed that the paleo diet followers should take chia seeds in the recommended amount to meet their body's calcium requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Paleo Diet

1. What food should you eat in the paleo diet?

Food items that you should avoid while following the paleo diet are:

  • Pizza

  • Sugary items

  • fruit juices

  • Sweet cereal

  • Cakes, pastries

  • Fried and grilled food


2. What are the negative impacts of the paleo diet?

The negative impact of a paleo diet is as follows:

  • Paleo diet plan is difficult to follow for vegetarians. It excludes beans.

  • It is expensive to start this diet plan.

  • You have to avoid eating dairy items and grains while following the paleo diet. These things are the best source of instant energy.


3. Which is the healthier diet plan, keto or paleo?



The Keto diet is useful for a short time. You want long-term benefits, then follow the paleo diet. It is the superior diet plan for losing weight or maintaining the weight of your body.


4. Do the doctors recommend the paleo diet to follow or not?

Paleo Diet is beneficial to maintain body weight. On the other hand, there are other health benefits too of the paleo diet. Still, no clinical studies for the long term revealed the negative impact of the paleo diet.


5. What food can you eat for breakfast?

Include these healthy food items in your paleo breakfast are chocolate coconut granola, sweet potato hash, classic banana pancakes, almond, and blueberry muffins.


Final Words

Our body has suffered a lot due to changes in lifestyle and adopting modern diet plants. Therefore, people started to follow the paleo diet to lose weight. They need to stop eating processed food and sugary items to follow this diet plan. To get the best results, follow the paleo diet plan strictly.

Shivani Chaurasia

Shivani Chaurasia