Best 10 Gift Ideas for New Mom and Her Baby

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Best 10 Gift Ideas for New Mom and Her Baby

As a woman, becoming a mother for the first time brings a variety of emotions for her. She overjoys, becomes excited and happy. At the same time, she fears and becomes panic and confused as it is her first time becoming pregnant. She has to go through hormonal changes and mood swings. As you see, carrying the fetus in the womb for the first time is not an easy task for her.

In this difficult phase, she should be loved, cared for, and relaxed by her near and dear ones. As a family member or friend, you can comfort her by giving nice yet useful gifts to her and her newborn baby.

However, it will be a daunting task for you while choosing the right gift for a new mom and her baby. So, we have picked some amazing choices for your acknowledgment in this article. You will see amazing gifts for new moms as well as her baby which you can plan to give her by online shopping.


1. Pregnancy Journal

This precious gift will be memorable for every new mom as she can write her memories during her pregnancy and the journey of her newborn baby. In this journal, she can make a to-do list, update her maternity changes, write secret letters to her baby, note down her diet plan during pregnancy, and many more.


2. Diapers



Diapers are essentials for every newborn baby. You can gift your new mom friend a diaper subscription. But remember that those diapers should be made of soft cotton cloth to prevent her baby from rashes and redness. Her baby should be comfortable and dry wearing them all the time. Some diapers come with the tap style so that they can fasten easily by mothers. Diapers must have a breathable material for air circulation through the skin of the baby and the baby will stay fresh for long hours. You can gift her diapers made with eco-friendly clothes.


3. Pregnancy/Beauty Subscription Box


PregnancyBeauty Subscription Box

It is a time to pamper your new mom friend and her baby by giving her a pregnancy or beauty subscription box with full size products each trimester. ‘

You will find pregnancy/beauty subscription boxes from several well-known lifestyle brands online. This subscription bag contains useful goodies for your new mom friend and her baby such as self-care products, maternity clothes, beauty care products, baby care products, and many more.


4. Baby Carrier


Baby Carrier

To keep her baby close with her, a baby Carrier is an essential gift for a new mom. Gift her/ her new baby a baby carrier made with a breathable material. The best baby carrier should give enough support to the baby’s head as well as his/her back. It should come with different carrying positions. The baby should be safe and comfortable in adjustable belts.


5. Healthy Snacks/ Drinks

Food craving is a normal thing for a pregnant woman. Instead of eating harmful foods like chocolate or ice cream, she should go for healthy snacks or drinks for energy and nutrients. They help her baby’s development and growth in the right manner.

Those snacks provide nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, B12, iodine, and folate which are needful for healthy birthing and proper weight gain during pregnancy.

You can find various amazing healthy snacks online such as Ragi cookies, dry dates, roasted nuts, protein drinks, dry fruit bars, smoothies, and herbal tea.

Some snacks are helpful to prevent nausea and stay better during morning sickness.


6. Baby Sleeping Bag

Your friend’s newborn needs a sound sleep with a warm feeling. The Baby sleeping bag with the baby-friendly fabric and sturdy zipper will be a good option for the new mom. She can use a baby sleeping bag anywhere while traveling as some sleeping bags comes with the carry bag facility. Chose a lightweight sleeping bag that will prevent the baby from excessive heat, chilling wind, and mosquitos and he/ she sleep safely for a longer time.


7. Maternity Body Pillow


Maternity Body Pillow

The new mama also needs a peaceful sleep after battling with hardships caused by pregnancy. The C-shaped body pillow made with high-end cotton gives her body support and grows blood circulation. That’s why she sleeps peacefully and comfortably. These pillows are made as per the guidance of physiotherapists and gynecologists. Some pillows come with zippered pillow covers.


8. Individual Toys

Individual toys will be the cutest gift for a newborn baby. These travel-friendly toys can carry anywhere with the baby. Your friend’s baby will love to play with them as they help to develop his/her motor skills. But make sure such toys should not hard to baby’s teeth as they tend to chew them. Also, they should be non-toxic and made from harmless materials.


9. Pregnancy Book

Some new moms are unlucky as they don’t have senior family members who can guide them in this pleasant but stressful phase. So, it is your duty as a best friend, you can give her pregnancy books written by well-known experts in this field. These books will give her scientific guidance about changes that happen during pregnancy. Some books give friendly pieces of advice and tips for every stage of her pregnancy.


10. Maternity/Nursing Dress

Your friend who is expecting for the first time, she needs rest and coolness in her clothes. She prefers to not wear pants at this stage. So, give her comfortable and easy-to-wear maternity dresses. These types of dresses should have made with breathable fabric that will allow air circulation. Chose a sleek and elegant maternity dress that fits her changing body shape. Some maternity dresses come with two side vertical zippers, so the new mom can nurse her baby easily and without any hassle. She can wear them anywhere, which are lightweight and elegant.



You can look out for gifts that haven’t been mentioned in this article. Toys, blankets for new moms, maternity clothes, baby clothes, diaper bags, breast pump, pregnancy notebook, and many more.

But what is the most important gift than the above choices for your new mom friend and her baby? Any guesses? Love and Care!

Give her and her baby a lot of love and care during this difficult phase in which she is going now. Because those sweet memories will be cherished in her heart forever!

Sulaksha Gad

Sulaksha Gad