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Every day thousands of people die or lose the potential to stay alive around the world; some part due to an accident, some die due to a natural disaster, some die due to some deadly disease which finally makes you unfit to call yourself completely healthy.


What if I talk about the disease prevalent today, which is taking millions of lives along with it and is linked to loss of your sight forever. Yes, I am talking about the deadly disease mucormycosis, which is a sporadic infection.

Still, with the surge of covid-19, this disease comes under the limelight with its symptoms and effects, causing mucormycosis to be termed as a disorder also having some critical connections with humans diagnosed with Diabetes as well.


So to give you a clear connection of Mucormycosis with Covid-19 and other deadly symptoms like loss of eyesight, a clear presentation of its chemical and physical structure is essential, and understanding its origin is way crucial.


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Mucormycosis is a sporadic infection that was never considered a severe fungal infection until it was recently escalating to higher numbers.

Mucormycetes are fungi that cause mucormycosis, present mainly in soil and associated with decaying materials, such as leaves and animal dung. 1 . 2-4 Most people contact microscopic fungal spores every day, so it's probably not possible to altogether avoid coming in contact with mucormycosis.

However, people who have weak immune systems can allow the micromycetes spores to cause an infection in the lungs, spreading to other parts of the body and cause serious complications.

  • 2008 was the year to watch an outbreak of the lethal Mucomycosis, which was only brought to the public notice in 2014 when it was believed that the hospital linen was contaminated with Murocale spores causing this outbreak.

  • In the year 2011, many cases of Mucormycosis were brought to notice in Joplin Tornado.

  • By July 19, 2011, a total of 18 suspected cases of mucormycosis had been identified

  • A confirmed case was defined with a lot of characteristic features. No additional issues were related to that outbreak were reported after June 17.




This lethal infection has its own set of symptoms to worsen your healthy life.

This infection attacks your lungs, causing accumulation of fluid, which further alters your breathing pattern and causes coughing and fever.

  • Now the physical symptoms include swollen and reddish skin over your nose and frontal head, which might cause visual problems whose terminal stage would be necrosis of your eye cells. In simple terms, it is blindness.

  • The skin after a particular stage turns black because of loss of blood supply to that specific area of skin due to tissue damage or death.

  • This disease also radiates to other regions of your body, which might induce headaches, fever, and alteration of your mental status.

  • This deadly disease also causes abdomen distention with black vomiting at certain stages.




Usage of essential therapies are considered as an optimum method of treating such lethal disorders like

  • Like using Amphotericin B deoxycholate for sublimating the symptoms, the only disadvantage is its minimal toxic effects.

  • Amphotericin B deoxycholate is another antifungal drug used as a method of easy CNS penetration bringing quick results of anti-necrosis and inflammation treatment.

  • Posaconazole is another alternative antifungal therapy that is clinically approved globally for its higher success rate in human and animal models to eradicate Mucormycosis.

  • Surgery is used as a termination option of removing the dead tissue or cell to avoid the fungus invasion to other regions of the body, which can save a person's life.




Doctors today believe that the deadly disease has an overall mortality rate of fifty percent and something highly unusual for a rare fungal infection. This is attributed to the research of the connections of usage of steroids and fungal infection occurrence.

After a period of perfect analysis, the outcome was shocking, and it was concluded that the use of steroids, which is a life-saving treatment for critically ill Covid-19 patients, reduces inflammation in the lungs for Covid-19 also reduces the immunity and pushes up your blood sugar levels in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients.

  • This decrease in the levels of immunity in your body gives a chance for the deadly infection to cause different types of necrosis, in simple words, tissue death at various sites of your body, particularly the hollow openings of your head eye orbits spinal cord canal, etc.

  • Which thereby has its own set of symptoms like blurred vision, swelling of your eye orbits, bleeding of your nose, black patches on your skin, and the most deadly sign, the loss of your image.


Scientists and other researchers believe that the overuse of steroids can pre-expose your target sites by lowering immunity and bringing Mucormycosis in no time.

Doctors around the nation express their grief by telling how there is a surge in the cases of the deadly infection, Mucormycosis, and how it is ruining the face of the country.

  • In April, Mumbai received almost 5000 cases of Mucormycosis, whose count is increasing every day, with most issues linked to removing their eyes because of necrosis.

  • This deadly infection is more prevalent in people diagnosed with Diabetes, and this affects people even after they are fully recovered with Covid-19.


Mucormycosis is not something that affects only a particular group of people. This deadly disease can infect anyone, irrespective of your age and the infections you pertain to. In the present scenario, this fatal infection affects so many young individuals, causing havoc among the youngsters and the panel of doctors and researchers in the medical field.


One of Bengaluru's doctors was surprised to have Mucormycosis cases in his hospital because he never saw a single point of Mucormycosis in his lifetime of two decades of medical service experience. This explains how the surge of Covid-19 has dug its graveyard of deadly fungal infection for our lives.




Mucormycosis is a fungal infection that, in the present scenario, is taking a steep rise with every day passing by. The only way to avoid or prevent this deadly infection is to reduce the consumption of steroids for Covid-19 and make sure to diagnose the early stages of Mucormycosis with the help of a qualified medical professional.


The present scenario is out of control, so the only thing we could do is to follow proper rules and regulations and sanitize ourselves and the surroundings to stay healthy and safe.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q 1. What is Mucormycosis?


Mucormycosis is a rare black fungal infection caused by fungal groups like Mucor and rhizopus, which can be deadly if your blood sugar level rises, as in a person diagnosed with DiabetesDiabetes.


Q 2. How I get infected with mucormycosis?


Mucormycosis can occur through the soil. By fungal spores, but things have changed, you can also get infected with Mucormycosis if you are a diabetic patient and someone who has recently recovered from Covid-19.


Q 3. Will I lose my eyesight if I get infected with Mucormycosis?


You don't lose your eyesight in the primary stages of Mucormycosis, but if your immunity is way lower than required, it may cause tissue death at various sites of your body.


Q 4. Can the Covid-19 vaccine help in treating Mucormycosis as well?


Mucormycosis is a fungal infection, and Covid-19 is a viral infection, so only antifungal treatment can cure Mucormycosis to an extent.


Q 5. How Covid-19 is linked to Mucormycosis?


Covid-19 indirectly can affect Mucormycosis, as steroid consumption can lower your immunity which causes a rise in blood sugar levels which causes Mucormycosis

Jai Naren

Jai Naren