Mesha Rashi - Characteristics and Personality of Aries

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Mesha Rashi - Characteristics and Personality of Aries

The first Sign of the Hindu Zodiac chart is Mesha Rashi, also known as Aries. And, very much in the same lines, those born under this Sign consider themselves the first. They are known for their leadership qualities and hope. In addition, most Mesha Rashi or Aries people have a burning desire to start and make things happen.

People born under this Mesha Rashi (Aries) are also known as Zodiac pioneers. Most of the time, their brave journey into the freeway helps them out with a victory.



People born under Mesha Rashi (Aries) have dark faces, brown eyes, strong and firm bodies. They have small teeth in the lower jaw; the upper jaw can sometimes have long teeth protruding from the mouth. In addition, their eyes get a red or light color. Often, they can have scars on the forehead or face and have big eyes and amazing hair.



The people of this Sign, as a rule, live alone by nature. They have a smiley face and do not talk much. Aries is moving fast. They have enough travel and are often transferred from place to place in life. The service or business they receive has features for tourism. They have limited intelligence.

The people of Mesha Rashi prefer to work under the guidance of others. They are violent. They are ambitious, courageous, and self-respecting. They shape their future by fighting hard and working hard. They are straightforward, generous, and liberal. They work in the workplace and work for welfare in many areas of society.



It is often found that the Mesha Rashi people are loving and loyal. When they are in love, they quickly and clearly express their feelings without giving too much thought. They are loving people who are known to pamper their loved ones to an extreme degree.

Innocent and often 'baby at heart,' Aries is very depressed and disappointed when their love is not equally restored. They try to understand and appreciate their loved ones, but only until they find and see the necessary care and love.



They have great strength, power, and resilience. However, they can affect the head, stomach, and kidneys. As a result, they need more attention to these parts of their body or have problems such as migraines, digestive or kidney stones. This can be caused by too much work or unhealthy food. However, although they are prone to take risks and all kinds of evil because of their great work, they stand firm.



The most suitable areas for their expertise are - Research, Medicine and related disciplines, Surgery, Mechanics, Athletics and Sports, Adventure Travel, Engineering, Psychology, and, most importantly, Business.



Mesha Rashi includes Ashwini, Bharani, and the first Charan of Krittika Nakshatras.


Features of Aries:


Features of Aries

Surprising, mysterious, spontaneous, courageous, active. However, they are also impatient, quick-witted, and self-centered. They may be bound by the selfish, the jealous, the cruel, and the violent.

  • Positive Traits: Automation, Action-orientation, Courage, Drive, Business, Composition, Truth
  • Disadvantages: Impatience, Persistence, Stupidity, Selfishness, Pride, Ego, Violence, Gain, Disappointment


Aries Woman:


Aries Woman

Positive features: Aries women are healthy, confident, courageous, and spontaneous. They believe in taking on specific challenges and living life to the fullest. These modern and confident ladies often inspire other women. They're smart, amazing, and very independent, they're a solid and senseless place, and they don't like to be treated around.

Disadvantages: Aries women will wither and get angry if they are ignored or do not turn out as expected. Because they believe in spending money and enjoying themselves, they do not save money. As a result, they tend to have conflicts and domination, which is a huge setback, especially for relationships.


Aries Man:


Aries Man

Specific features: Aries men are attractive, strong, and confident, always ready for something new and exciting. They lack initiative or character, and it is a fun race to win their hearts. They are well-known and naturally born leaders.

Negative features: Not very logical for anyone other than themselves. They can be harsh, selfish, and rude while approaching each other in a relationship. Aries men have a battlefield, where they need to show their greatness.



All in all, the people of Mesha Rashi are born leaders, real and symbolic beginners of this Zodiac, they hate defeat, and as a result, they often 'win'! Yes, that applies to every area of ​​their lives.The greatest strength of the Aries people is their courage. They are known to face life's challenges without fear.

Veer Singh

Veer Singh