Sagittarius Rashi - Characteristics and Features of Dhanu

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Sagittarius Rashi - Characteristics and Features of Dhanu

Dhanu Rashi, Sagittarius, is the 9th Sign of the Hindu Zodiac Chart. Truth-seekers, tourists, travel enthusiasts, these people love to have fun and are good company. Most Sagittarius people have a twisted philosophy, and their spirit of inquiry is endless and never ends.

Based on their quest for truth and perfect wisdom, most do not take things in stride.



Sagittarius Rashi people tend to be taller and have thicker hair. They have bright eyes, which makes them very attractive. Their voices are also very pleasing. Their hands are usually longer. Their noses are usually large, as are their upper line teeth. Their look is fun, and their dress concept is very casual, but they dress as per the occasion.



The centaur represents the people of Sagittarius Rashi, the upper part belonging to a man and the lower part to horses. Thus they have both good and bad tendencies. The human part, with a bow and arrow pointing upwards, suggests that they have a spirit. It also suggests that they are in good shape and are trying to look at the bright side of life, never to be overwhelmed. On the other hand, they may be too rude and may reject the best advice.

The people under Sagittarius Rashi are very active and love open spaces and outdoor activities. They are interested in all kinds of sports and physical activities. They are empathetic and sincere, always making an effort to solve the problems of their loved ones. Although they are very active, they can sometimes show a lack of peace.



As a Lover, Sagittarius are born shy and love to have fun with their partner. Lust, open-mindedness, and willingness to try anything, the same stubborn people made them good partners for them. There is a fine line between love and sex for them. And when it comes to love, after their commitment, they are loyal and dedicated. Partners of this Sign need to be intelligent, compassionate, and empathetic.

As a friend, they are very encouraging and generous. They work together and spread joy and laughter in their social circles. They make the most of their sincere friendship and will nurture the relationship until the end.



The people of Sagittarius Rashi are very strong, and especially in the first half of their lives, they usually do not have a health problem. But they are also prone to overindulgence, which can lead to problems in their lives. Sagittarius should avoid excessive drinking or heavy eating. If they can maintain good health, they can avoid high blood pressure or liver problems. They may experience some problems with sciatica or a torn ligament in the thighs. They should drive carefully to avoid accidents.



The natives should think twice before achieving their goals. In addition, people enjoy working with them as they keep the work environment healthy with their neatness and humor. Still, they do not take the work lightly. No matter how difficult the challenge may be, they will never give up. They can be very encouraging leaders, especially when the group code is very low.

Skills that require extensive travel often attract them, as they like to meet and explore new people and cultures. No wonder they make good travel writers or travel guides. They can have inspiring speakers. Since they are accurate and know how to make others feel good, they effectively serve the community. They will make good politicians, HR executives, activists, teachers, philosophers, therapists, doctors, etc.



Usually they are brave and full of confidence. They can take very difficult challenges in life much better than many other symptoms. And one important reason for their confidence lies in their open mind. They are the ones who believe in continuity and testing. Indeed, they love freedom. However, this quest for independence can sometimes cause them to become impatient and disrespectful.

Good Features: Honest, True, Righteous, Kind, Trustworthy, Confident, Powerful, Wise.

Negative Features: Overconfidence, Explosive, Aggressive


Sagittarius Woman:


Sagittarius woman

Specific features: True, romantic, and humorous. They are curious and philosophical. They can do many things, they are lovely people, and they enjoy life as it comes. Sagittarius women like to stay in the present moment, and will not compromise their independence, be it emotional, financial, or professional.

Negative features: They are less aware of how their action or speech might affect others. They can be very patient and always very urgent, which is why they lose their temper with a little delay.



Sagittarius Man:


Sagittarius man

Specific features: They are optimistic and always look at the bright side of things. They are intelligent and enthusiastic people interested in various subjects and can easily attract others to their conversation. They are philosophical and have a strong sense of what is right or wrong. They like to exchange ideas and talk about spiritual things. These people are very generous.

Disadvantages: Sagittarius men tend to take things in stride and take unnecessary risks. Their casual approach towards life gets them criticism. Their honesty can sometimes be very cruel to the detriment of others. Their interest in things can be short-lived and may continue to change.



Most of them tend to live in their world, becoming deeply involved in culture, pursuing wisdom and art, travel, and even self-promotion. They love freedom and are prone to self-doubt, and they are overconfident. As such, they take pride in being able.

Veer Singh

Veer Singh