Health- Important part of our lives

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Health- Important part of our lives

A healthy mind and a healthy body lead to a peaceful life. A great man quoted that” Health is Wealth”. This is a basic proverb that must be heard by everyone. But only a few people are paying attention to health. Based on research conducted there were so many diseases that were found in the youth generation as well. The most common disease that was found is obesity, this disease is a result of extreme fat stored in a human body.

The cause of all the diseases is the result of no physical activity happening in the age of 10 to 25. Mostly they are sitting and watching their favorite tv program. They do not perform any physical activity and use public transport to travel rather than using bicycles for traveling by walking. It is visible that children and everyone is indulged in eating junk food rather than concentrating on healthy food which is making their life more miserable.

All the children and youth will become victims of many prone diseases such as low Castrol high and low Blood pressure, diabetes, and many others. It will link to different types of cancers as well. Obesity and other types of the disease result in an unattractive body. This is the main cause of the emerging high rate of depression among youth. They all just want to eat junk food and want to look beautiful and smart without making any effort on their health.


Table of Content-

  • What is Health

  • Its importance in our daily life

  • How to stay healthy

  • Outcome if not paid attention

  • Conclusion


What is Health?

Health refers to the state where you are mentally and physically well and it's not just about early having any disease or other impact. Health is considered as a functional efficiency of human beings. It includes a condition of mind not only being free from any illness, pain, or injury. It is a positive concept of a healthy life where your body is willing to live life with mental well-being and not just physical well-being.


Importance of health in our daily lives

It is important to understand that health is a major factor that affects our life. If you are healthy then you can just earn wealth and stay positive regarding your life. In order to fully participate in the activities of your life, it is important that your health is fine and your body has no major issues. the development of the body and state of mind totally depends upon the ability of one person to understand. This can only happen if your body is healthy so to stay happy in your life and work with productivity put your focus on health.


How to Stay Healthy?

healthy life

You can adopt some good habits which will allow you to stay healthy for your future. Habits can be developed in 21 days so in just 21 days you have to work for yourself. First of all, if you are taking any medications it must be suggested by the doctor as taking more medications will lead to more diseases. Walk, eat healthily and exercise daily in order to stay healthy and make your digestive system well. If you have a busy schedule then just walk for 15 minutes and eat healthy food as much as you can.


Outcomes- if not paid attention

Staying healthy is as important as fulfilling your basic needs. If you don't follow a healthy routine in your life then you can get various types of disease that can be dangerous for yourself and your family. Deficiency of any vitamin and mineral will lead to the productivity of your body and your mind will not work with much effectiveness.



exercise (1)

Therefore it is important to focus on one's health in order to have a happy life. It is well understood that because of some limitations you cannot do exercise daily or can take vitamins which are needed but you can eat healthy whatever you are having. Avoiding junk food and teaching your kids to understand that junk food will damage their body parts is important.



Try to avoid conditions that cause you to stress and put attention on your physical and mental well-being. Drinking plenty of water also protects you from getting a huge amount of diseases. Good health will lead you to a good living and a happy staying.



Q1. How can I adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Ans- Healthy lifestyle means a Lifestyle where a person is adopting healthy habits. Usually, making a habit requires 21 days of effort. Practice that habit for 21 days then you will get used to it. Drinking the right amount of water is a common way to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Maintain the balance between personal and professional life, don't take much stress from personal and professional life.


Q2. How much exercise is required to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Ans- Exercise is an important factor and a person should do regular exercise in order to obtain a healthy lifestyle. Due to some limitations of physical capability, if you are not able to do regular exercise you can choose a particular part of the exercise which will help you in getting fit. Try to walk more and eat healthily. This will help you to get a healthy lifestyle with or without exercise.


Q3. How to make your mind a healthy mind?

Ans- Healthy mind is built when one has the ability to integrate its Balance between ongoing activities and letting things go as it is. A healthy mind allows you to address all the challenges that are coming your way. In order to make your mind healthy, remove all the negative thoughts about any person or any condition. Concentrate on more positive criteria of your life this will lead you to obtain a healthy mind.


Q4. How long a person is contagious after getting Flu or virus?

Ans- Before showing symptoms you are contagious from flu as symptoms are visible after 24 hours. According to experts, It is said that your ability to spread through a virus remains your last sniffle.


Q5. How does lifestyle affect your health?

Ans- A person's lifestyle consists of good and bad habits. All the habits of a person affect its lifetime process of body functioning. It is highly essential to adopt good habits, not just physically, mentally as well. Exercise is not enough if you are having negative thoughts in your mind. Lung action, heart action, and other body parts are totally affected by how the person is adopting its habits.

Shivani Chaurasia

Shivani Chaurasia