How to stay positive and motivated during this tough time

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How to stay positive and motivated during this tough time

It is very necessary to stay positive and motivated in this tough times of covid, when we hear news of scarcity of oxygen and death of near and dear ones. Although it's always easier said than done because for the one's seeing their near and dear ones lying on the deathbed it's not easy to think positive but it's not impossible to be positive and stay motivated and also spread positivity.

So friends, here are some ways that will help all of us to stay motivated and give us the strength to fight in this tough times. Because what we think will happen if we think positively, good things will happen with us if we think negatively, then we will see only bad things happening around us. 


Spend time with your family/ loved one's-

It is always seen that spending time with people you love always cheers up your mood. So it can be a good idea to spend some time with family together or friends to refresh our mind. Although in this time of pandemic we cannot go out still we can spend time together virtually with our friends and stay connected.


Reading about great leaders-

Reading about the great leaders who have faced numerous challenges in their life but never stopped fighting will give us the strength and energy to fight against covid and stay motivated. Decide a particular number of pages to be read daily. Because people have become billionaires by reading books, writing books, and selling books. You can be the next one!


Writing good things-

write about the good things that happened on a particular day and whenever you feel low or demotivated, go Through it and count your blessings. This will help you to create more good things to add to the list.


Share positive things on   social Media- 

During this time when we hear any negative thing we feel sad but even at this time of the problems are coming people are helping each other and finding solutions. Spread such positive news on social media because you never know your one positive message or story can make someone's day that's the power of a single message, so use your power and be the change you want to see. Because every single act of your kindness is counted.


Reward yourself-

Even a small step towards your goal is important for its success. Reward yourself for every small task or goal you complete. The reward can be as simple as a chocolate but still, it's a reward, and it will motivate you to do that task. In this way, you will always look forward to completing the task for getting the reward.


Make a to-do list-

Make a to-do list of things you want to do in the day in the morning, so you know that you have work to do after completing the task and keep the task you love to do at the end so you know that you have your favorite task to do after you complete the current work and it will motivate you to complete the current work.


Listen to audiobooks and podcasts-

If reading is not your cup of tea, No problem! We have another option for you, listening to audiobooks, podcasts and even ted talks can also be considered a great option to listen to. Know the struggle, the hardships of a common man to the millionaires. Learn things from them, apply them in your life, and be successful. But for that, you need to work hard and stay consistent towards your dreams.


Make a goal-

decide a goal for yourself to achieve and if your passion lies in that goal the dream to reach towards your goal is the best motivation for success. Write that goal and think about all the aspects of it write it and see it when you feel demotivated.


Try doing some artwork-

Write, draw, paint do whatever you like because it works as a stress buster and helps you feel good. Artforms like mandala help you to feel fresh and motivate you to hustle towards your goal. And it also helps to increase your concentration power because you need to be fully concentrated to make it perfect. Learn different art forms to polish your artistic skills which will in return motivate you to do your work as well.


Prep your self in the morning-

When things do go as you want them and you don't feel good even early in the morning, talk with your self and tell your self this will be the best day of my life and I will give my hundred percent to make it better. This little talk with your self will make you feel good and will work as the best motivation for you to make this day the best day


Take up an online course-

Utilize the time of pandemic to complete any of your unaccomplished dream of learning something that you always wanted to, take up a course and start learning and when you feel you don't want to do anything, study the course for sometime and you will feel better and will be again ready to start your work which you didn't want to do before and will always look forward to the part of the day when you will do that task and this course will become the motivation to do another task.


Using all or some of the tricks will help you to feel motivated and stay positive in these tough times as well as it will also give you chance to learn new skills or polish your old skill. Other than this eating your favorite food and talking to loved ones is always something that helps. Tell your friends and family how important they are for you maybe that can work as a motivation for them as well because it always feels good to know that you are important to someone. You also feel good, when somebody tells you, how important you are to them. Don't you?

Spread positivity, feel good, and work to achieve your goals in life because problems are exams of life and you need to stay positive to solve them and get happiness in your life to enjoy your life. Always keep in mind 'this time will also pass because it will whether it is good or bad it will pass. 

Stay positive, spread positivity and be motivated and hustle towards your goals. Because it is said by Robin Sharma, "Everything happens twice, first in our mind and then in reality".

Veer Singh

Veer Singh