Meditation: A Way To Nirvana

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Meditation: A Way To Nirvana

In modern times, people have different types of problems in their lives. Problems like anxiety, lack of concentration, stress tend to affect more and more people. Most people follow such a busy lifestyle that they fail to get some time for themselves and focus on their health. This is a cause of many health-related problems, especially during the later ages. In such cases, it is always advised by experts to meditate.

Not only modern times, but Meditation also holds its roots from the ancient Vedic times. The first-ever instances of meditation are recorded in the Hindu Vedas, which signifies that how old the practice is. 

It is seen that many years of scientific studies have also proved meditation to be very much effective and nowadays, it is recommended by psychiatrists too. Going to definition, meditation can be defined as a process of focusing or channeling our thoughts on a particular thing to improve our mind’s awareness and also for the betterment of our attention. 


Meditation Guide: 

Previously meditation was mostly performed by religious saints or monks but now as its benefits are known to all, meditation is practiced by many in almost all the countries around the world. In this article, we will look into various aspects of meditation and also its benefits.

Before moving into different forms of meditation, let’s have a look at a short guide to meditation which tells us about the need to meditate and its immediate benefits.

Reasons to Meditate:

  • To understand the pain.

  • Lower stress.

  • Improve Focus.


Benefits of Meditation: 

  • Relaxes stress.

  • Reduces anxiety.

  • Develops a sense of self-awareness.

  • Betterment of sleep.

  • Prevents blood pressure-related problems.

  • Controls any type of pain.


Nowadays, mobile apps are available which can be a great start to meditation for beginners. It has been made easier for everyone to access the proper techniques of meditation through the internet and mobile apps. Meditation courses are very easily available nowadays.

And there are large variations in the different forms of meditation and each of them has its special techniques and widespread benefits. 


Forms Of Meditation:

 Now, let’s go through different forms of meditation being practiced by people.

  1. Meditation Music- This refers to the use of music for meditation. The music here refers to a particular type of music specially made for meditation. Mostly use of music to meditate is done by people who have issues while sleeping. Sleep music is an example of this. Relaxing sleep music not only helps in sleeping, it also helps with anxiety and sleep disorder.

  2. Guided Meditation- This is one of the most common types of process which is practiced by most people. It is usually practicing meditation under the guidance of a trainer or instructor or meditating on a picture or a particular object. Meditation music is also one of the kinds of guided meditation. Its widespread benefits include lower levels of stress, cure of insomnia, physical pain, and anxiety. It also helps to train our mind accordingly so that we can cope up with difficult situations calmly, focus better, and have a feeling of overall well-being. 

  3. Transcendental Meditation-This is a form of meditation where a silent technique to meditate is used. Generally, a chant, also known as a mantra, is used to meditate. Mantra meditation is a kind of transcendental technique to meditate. One of the most important benefits of this form of meditation is that it helps to improve blood pressure. This also helps to regulate a better heartbeat and helps in having a better and healthy heart. This technique also has a religious use where it is performed by the saints during holy rites or processes.

  4. Mindfulness Meditation-It is a training of the mind to keep calm and helps in getting rid of a negative thought process. It is nothing much but another process of meditation where awareness of the mind is required along with deep breathing while meditating. Practicing this form requires a lot of concentration and one is never perfect until and unless he or she keeps trying. It is advised to follow a timer while performing this process. The timer helps us to keep track of our progress, and we can know our ability to concentrate. And we should always try to increase our time as we progress. Starting from a 5-minute meditation then to 10-minute meditation and then more, increasing the time gradually. Deep breathing is a key to excel this process. One should focus on their breathing while performing mindfulness meditation.

  5. Zazen- This is a traditional Japanese form of meditation that involves sitting with an erect spine and hands folded in a particular manner and kept over the belly. It is said that this process requires breathing from within the center of gravity of the body i.e. the belly. This practice is usually done in three ways namely Concentration, Koan Introspection, and Shikantaza. It is performed to know one’s insights and the nature or purpose of existence. In other words, this process is done to properly get to know one’s self.

  6. Vipassana- One of the ancient forms of Indian meditation, helps us to see things around us as they are. It is said to impart us the art of living. It is based on the total concept of observing thoughts, emotions, etc.

  7. IshaKriya- Created by yogi Sadhguru, Ishakriya is a very simple and basic form of meditation that is not very complicated or difficult to perform, yet it is powerful. Its purpose is to maintain good health, sound mind, peace, and wellbeing. It helps to get free from the limitations that we bind ourselves to and no one’s true potential. This will help to overcome the failures that we often face during our lifetime.

  8. Chakra Meditation- Our body is believed to consist of 7 chakras namely root chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, sacral chakra, third eye chakra, solar plexus chakra, and crown chakra. Chakra meditation is believed to improve all these chakras and make them more efficient to have a healthy lifestyle.

We have looked into the basic insights of meditation and its different forms. There is not a single doubt that meditation helps us to improve our health and mind at the same time. Not only for adults but also a meditation for kids has proved to be a great way of all-round development during their growing years. There’s no right time to start meditating.

One can start doing it from any age, and it is advisable to add it into a daily routine. As we all know that presently the country is facing a huge surge of Covid-19 and people should have a better immune system to fight the disease, meditation is one of the ways along with proper nutrition which can improve our immunity.


 Conclusion :-

From the ancient ages, people have been adapting to meditation for all-around development and even in the 21st century, it is applicable.

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