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The teeth- play a very special role - they cut and break the food into smaller bits which eventually adds up improving our digestive system. Apart from that it helps us it speaking and adds a great amount to our facial beauty. So taking care of tooth is highly appreciated but toothache is a very common problem and can be cured with just a little care. Toothache is very frequent among the children, between the age group of 8 to 10 years but also seen in adults. It is a global phenomenon and should be consulted to doctors for a quick recovery without any side effects. 

What causes toothache?

  • Generally a toothache is caused by a decaying tooth, although toothache might not be occurring at the initial stages of decaying

  • It can be due to any food particles stuck in the gum while chewing it

  • Eating cold or hot foods or drinking a freezing beverages 

  • Toothache can be caused due to viral infection in the gum

  • Crack in the tooth might also result in a painful experience

  • Each tooth is connected to a central nerve system. If there is a problem or an injury to the nerves, it also can cause a serious problem


Toothache might also occur from other health issues like :

  • Diseases like lung cancer or diabetes can cause toothache

  • Excessive drug abuse and consuming alcohol can cause the problem

  • Lack of vitamins like B12 which comes from fish, meat or eggs can result in toothache

  • Heart attack or frequent headache can cause toothache

  • When Sinuses become irritated due to sinusitis as a result of fungal or viral infection, it can cause pain especially in the upper teeth.

Problems due to toothache

It can seriously hamper the mental condition of the patient as it causes some serious and unbearable pain in the teeth, if the early symptoms are neglected for very long time . It causes swelling in the gum. It can even cause fever or headache. A foul tasting liquid comes out from the infected area. It can also cause a bad odor from the mouth.

Is toothache temporary?

Some toothache caused due to chewing of hard foods which had caused irritation of the gum and swelling it. It causes a great pain in the teeth when trying to eat something along with an uncomfortable sensation. It can also cause irritation while drinking some cold beverages or water. This problem can go way from its own when hot, cold or hard foods are avoided and eaten soft foods like vegetables, egg etc.

But there are causes of toothache due to any health issue or decaying of tooth. Wisdom teeth appearing and getting stuck in the gum tissue or bone can cause in a serious pain. It is necessary to visit a dentist as soon as possible.


Cure of Toothache

In our day to day lives toothache might seem like a general problem, but if not taken care of, it can cause a serious impact on mental and physical health. So, one must act more cautiously whenever a tint of pain is experienced in their tooth.  Whenever there is a problem of toothache one must consider visiting a dentist. But if the problem occurs in an emergency, there are certain home remedies on curing a toothache.


Home remedies on toothache

1. Hibiscus Rosa and Tulsi


Chewing the leaf of Hibiscus Rosa and Tulsi for few minutes and swallowing the paste can result in a relief from the pain if the toothache occurs due to the irritation of the gum.

2. Rinsing with salty water

Rinsing with salt water can definitely reduce some pain as salt is naturally a disinfectant and it can loosen up the food particles stuck in a crack or a hole of the tooth which might be causing the problem of toothache.

3. Peppermint

Applying peppermint on the affected area can relieve the patient form a burning pain of toothache. Firstly, one can take the help of a used tea bag to fill it up with the peppermint paste and warming it up a little by soaking it in a glass of warm water and then applying it on the affected area. One can also try it with cold water or keeping the peppermint paste in a refrigerator for some time and then applying it on the affected area i.e. on the the irritated gum.


As it is an established fact that garlic has been used for years for treating any kind of sickness like reducing one’s blood pressure or improving cholesterol, it can also act a pain reliever in case of a toothache problem. Creating a paste and applying it on the burning gum will do the work. One can also try chewing it slowly for a minute or two and then swallow the rest with water.

5. Ice

One can try taking some ice cubes and rub it against the cheek in which side the toothache is concerning the patient. It can surely do away with the unbearable pain. Since ice can be easily available so this process is the most common process used in household.


When to visit a dentist

Although there are many home remedies on toothache and should be used only when there is any kind of an emergency like toothache occurs late in the night. But one must surely and immediately see a dentist if the symptoms are very serious like:

  • Swelling of gums abnormally

  • fever or headache caused by toothache

  • if the patient is having a trouble in breathing

  • release of foul liquid from the affected area.


Some frequently asked questions:

Q1) Will toothache go away?

As soon as the problem on the tooth or gum is solved, it will go away. Toothache might occur due to food particles being stuck in between the teeth or gum is irritated with some cold or hot food. The problem will go away with just little care.

Q2) How long a wisdom tooth can cause pain?

At a certain age, when the wisdom tooth comes visible to the oral cavity it no longer creates any pain. One can gargle warm or cold water to feel a relief in pain.

Q3) Can Ear ache be caused due to toothache?

Yes, it is possible. One must surely see a dentist as soon as possible.

Q4) At night why the toothache is worse?

It is because after completing our dinner when we go to sleep and we lie flat to the bed, as a result blood supply to our upper body is more. As there is more blood supply to our head and teeth, more pressure is created on the nerves of the teeth which causes more pain.

Q5) Should one visit a dentist on a regular basis?

Yes. Everyone tends to turn up to a dentist only when the problem arises. One should at least visit a dentist twice a year.


One must use these home remedies in an emergency only but should not ignore it as a mere health problem. If these remedies do not work out then one must immediately see a dentist.It is better late than never. 

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