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Staying fit isn’t rocket science when it is followed by the thought of keeping ourselves healthy from head to toe. Women mostly get stuck between playing their day-to-day responsibility and their wish to carry a fit body. But there are some top simple and effective tips and tricks that can be super beneficial for all the ladies to see their wish come true i.e. having a fit body. And honestly, it is possible to add a fitness element in our lives even after having all such responsibilities that currently don’t let us prioritize what our body asks for.


Fitness is a major wish for all. Each one of us seeks to be fit in every manner but the irony is that sometimes we are short of time, sometimes we are not aware of the right tips, and then comes our unwillingness to pursue the path of fitness. The key to fitness isn’t always achieved under the guidance of a personal trainer but can also be achieved with our willingness and commitment towards some essential do’s and don’ts. It is required to focus on having a properly balanced diet containing all the nutrients and vitamins, then complementing all such diets with regular workouts by performing any physical activity rather than indulging ourselves in any unbeneficial activity.


Here are the top 5 simple and effective tips for fitness that every woman must get aware of :


Out of all the meals, Breakfast is considered the most vital. It must be light and healthy which means eating food full of vitamins, minerals, fibers, protein, and glucose so that our body can stay in the energetic mode for the entire day. But we all have different bodies and ages so it’s good to follow the diet accordingly. 

Young women can have eggs, french toast, yogurt with fruits, whole-grain toast, oatmeal, muffin with cheese, and milk with nuts, etc. in their breakfast.

Adult women can have whole-grain bread, oats, whole-wheat pasta, yogurt, cheese, milk, brown rice, and cereal flakes in their breakfast.

Pregnant women can have foods rich in iron and calcium like tofu, milk, cereals, spinach, eggs, dried fruits, fruits like apples, avocados, etc.

Old women can have foods full of calcium and fiber-like milk, lean meats, eggs, fruits, legumes, or alternatives.

Skipping Breakfast can cause many issues in our body. Whether we are lean or overweight, skipping our morning meal is always a stupidity. To get rid of thinness, it is good to intake foods that are rich in protein and fiber, and to get rid of overweight, it is good to have a light but healthy brekkie so that the belly fat doesn’t generate and our body function properly even after skipping the later meals of the day. To stay fit in every manner, Breakfast is one of the keys that will help us remain fit. So, make sure to start the day with foods that a balanced diet consists of.



We should follow a structured exercise routine. This can include simple exercises like walking, running, stretching, and jumping. Women must exercise at least three to four hours a week so that the fitness goal stays as long as they want to. But as per our ages, exercises are also categorized in a manner to match our potential and fulfill the wish to stay fit.

Young women can do jumping jacks, pushups, squats, plank, bridge posture, single leg stand, jogging, pull-ups, etc.

Adult women can do jogging, brisk walking, and plank 30 minutes a day to gauge the potential and work upon it accordingly.

Pregnant women can do warm-up before exercising, a couple of minutes walk each day, curl and lift, plank, side-lying inner and outer thigh.

Old women can simply choose to walk early in the morning. Dance exercises are good to go ahead with considering the age and the potential of the muscles to bear the movements.

One must perform physical activity regularly. It is important to keep our physical and mental health at its best. Exercising regularly is beneficial in improving our health and fitness overall and maintaining a healthy weight that reduces the risk of diseases like cancers, type 2 diabetes, etc., and ensures fitness as a whole. Exercising makes our muscles and bones strong and improves cardiovascular health.



Drinking enough water in a day can be a friend that will help us to stay fit in the right manner and in a natural way. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is advised to have in a day. This not only hydrates but also protects us from many digestive problems, normalizes blood pressure, helps in preventing constipation, makes skin look clear, flushes bacteria from the bladder, and carries nutrients and oxygen to the body cells. 

The human body has 60% of water. Thus, staying hydrated is important, and drinking enough water in a day plays a significant role in allowing our body organs to function properly and safely every day. It regulates our body temperature, transports nutrients, and gives our body sufficient energy to perform its best. Good hydration means having the right amount of water before and after exercise as well. Saliva helps us digest the food and keeps the mouth moist. Not drinking enough water in a day can cause noticeable effects like dry skin which can cause premature wrinkling and skin disorders, dry throat which can affect our vocal cord, and severe headache which can later generate the possibility of long-term migraine problems. Our body uses water in its cells, tissues, and organs that maintain our system and aids in functioning efficiently. After sweating, we generally lose fluid and this can only be replenished by water. Plenty of water in a day supports the system which ensures healthy stool. Our kidney plays a vital role in filtering the waste out of the body through urine, so to support our kidney to perform its function properly and prevent kidney stones, it is necessary to drink adequate water consistently.



Carb-rich foods like cookies, chocolates, honey, and rice must be avoided to stay fit. These foods can spike the blood sugar level, can produce more insulin, and can also increase the amount of fat in the body. Hence, the daily diet should only be rich in calcium, protein, and vitamins. The key rule of maintaining a fit body is to remove junk foods that are unhealthy for the body and indigestible for the stomach. Such foods can severely affect the digestive system and of course our immunity. Saying no to unhealthy snacks can extensively benefit us in all ways. If no carbs we intake then no extra fat we gain. So, it’s a fair deal of avoiding junk foods and saving our body and its health in return. 

We get occupied while playing our piece of responsibilities and forget to pay attention to what we eat and in what quantity. This carelessness causes unwanted extra fats in our body parts like thighs, hips, and belly that can later generate many health issues like obesity and others. So, fitness isn’t a game of the day, it only takes some attention to our eating and physical activities regularly. Some low carbs foods don’t appear as a barrier in our way of achieving a healthy and fit body. Such foods are:

  • Eggs and meat usually have zero carbs. Organ meats such as liver are exceptions as it contains 5% carbs.

  • Beef is loaded with vital nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron. There is a variety of beef that has no carbs.

  • Seafood is likely to be extensively healthy and nutritious as they are full of mega-3 acids and iodine, also it contains no carbs.

  • Salmon is a popular fish among those who are health conscious for good purpose. It is loaded with vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.

  • Vegetables like broccoli (7%), tomatoes(4%), onions(9%), cauliflower(5%) and cucumber(4%) etc. are also in the list of low carb foods.

  • Fruits like olives(6%), strawberries(8%), apricots(11%), Grapes(9%) and kiwis(5%) etc.can be consumed with no worries.

  • Nuts and seeds like walnuts(11%), almonds(12%), chia seeds(24%), and peanuts(14%) are good to go with.





Sleep gives our body sufficient time to recover, repair, and build up muscle by conserving energy. When we get proper sleep, we feel fresh and active because a good quality sleep ensures the growth of hormones in our bodies. To stay fit, sufficient hours of sleep matters. It has now become common to sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning for our survival but this routine constantly affects our body and its organs internally that restricts our fitness to come into existence. Thus, to ensure fitness, 7-8 hours of quality sleep is needed. Try to sleep early at night and then wake up early in the morning. This will not be sufficient but will work for sure as avoiding our day-to-day work can also cause stress which itself affects the body and its health. So, figure out the management of time and work accordingly as we can’t sail on two boats at once but can sail specifically in turn.



Women tend to suffer from an unhealthy body because of their day-to-day responsibilities and short time. Fitness can be gained with proper awareness about our body and routine. It’s ok to work for our survival but not ok by keeping our body and health aside. Do not rush over things but do follow the above tips to stay fit so that our bodies keep doing their job as well.

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