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Food is what we all are fond of and being a foodie, it is obvious to eat food in a manner where we don’t gauge the number of calories and health benefits it will reward us with. But the main and common issue i.e. ‘Gastric Problems’. is what we should keep in mind whether we are a foodie or not. Underestimating gastric problems can be a big mistake that one can make because it keeps the potential to turn from acute to chronic that can later cause severe health issues as well. 

Home remedies can be relievable to cure gastric problems like indigestion, stomach pain, nausea, ulcers, hiccups, heartburn, gas, bloating, etc. instantly. Not only food but also our schedule to eat meals matters, the quality, and quantity as well. Unhealthy eating, not eating on time, eating even after being stuffed, no activity after eating, and drinking water while eating can give rise to gastric problems.

Household chores, office work, and busy routines often don’t allow us to focus on our health and the issues it can cause if we don’t pay attention to what we eat and in what manner. But owing to discomfort, we just can’t leave such gastric problems unattended, and also we cannot visit a doctor or pharmacy right away so here are some home remedies to get rid of general gastric problems instantly.



Having  3-5 drops of apple cider vinegar in any beverage such as tea before or after meals may help in avoiding and relieving gastric troubles. Apple cider vinegar is acidic naturally so it helps in raising stomach acid levels in those who have low stomach acidity to aid digestion efficiently. AVC is an antimicrobial substance so it may help kill bacteria in our stomach or intestines.

It eases inflammation by supporting the digestion of problematic foods and when it is taken with honey, it gives its best to cure stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and colitis. Apart from increasing stomach acid levels, raw AVC is associated with dealing with the symptoms of high blood sugar, diabetes, acid reflux, etc. But before using AVC for such diseases, first, consult with a doctor because AVC is fine to cure general problems only.



This can be made by boiling some dried daisy i.e. flowers of chamomile. It carries anti-inflammatory and mind-calming properties with itself. Taking it before meals and at bedtime can help in curing indigestion, bloating, tummy cramps, and of course trapped gas. The plant contains chemicals that are known as flavonoids which give chamomile some medical properties to be used for gastric issues.

Chamomile can also help treat diarrhea and bowel syndromes, it also contains anti-cancer properties. Chamomile tea is full of flavor and light to intake. It is often considered one of the most believable and soothing types of tea which is generally used to relax our digestive muscles and treat issues like nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, vomiting, etc. So, it is good to go ahead whenever gastric problems take place.




This tea is made by boiling a piece of fresh ginger in a utensil full of water. A substance called gingerol is present in ginger that carries antioxidant properties with itself and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. The intake of this tea benefits before or during a meal because then it stimulates gastric juices and neutralizes gastric acid in our stomach. The phenolic compounds present in ginger are supposed to reduce the gastric contractions and gastrointestinal irritations in our stomach as well.

This simply means that ginger is likely to reduce the flow of acid from the stomach back into the esophagus. Other ingredients such as carom seeds, holy basil, licorice, caraway, etc. can also benefit in normalizing gastric issues like bloating, gas, cramps, nausea, etc. Ginger is well known for its multi-purpose properties so it is absolutely fine to use ginger tea for general gastric problems.





One tablespoon of mint tea or juice is enough to get rid of unwanted and irritating trapped gas in the stomach. Mint leaves are full of antioxidants that ease the stomach muscles instantly and aid digestion within a few intakes. Mint does wonders when it is used to cure tummy-related issues like gas, cramps, irritation, etc.

But keep in mind one thing that mind candies have high sugar and sugar is supposed to get fermented by the bacteria in our stomach which later can be responsible for producing gas, diarrhea, and constipation.Mint being an herb can also help burn extra fat from the body.

Mint leaves tend to trigger the extra bile which is a digestive juice stored in the gallbladder, helps in the digestion of fats present in our body. Mint leaves are well known for their cooling and soothing properties.

They are often used in foods, beverages, desserts, and salads, etc. Indigestion occurs when food stays in our stomach for so long before passing into the rest of our digestive areas. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider mint as a cure for problems associated with the tummy. It is a common ingredient to be used in our kitchen space, not only its intake is beneficial but also the fragrance helps in controlling nose bleeding if we sniff some so.





Intake of lemon water or lemon tea is a good remedy to get rid of gastric irritations instantly. A pinch of baking soda, black salt, roasted cumin in the lemon water can add more taste to it and will end up relieving stomach issues right away without any compromise with what our tongue likes to taste. Warm lemon water will surely help our digestive system function properly and efficiently. Lemon is known for its citric acid that cures digestive issues smoothly and keeps gastric problems at bay.

Lemon interacts with other enzymes present in the stomach and works its best to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices as much as possible. Lemon is also a strong detox agent.

Drinking lemon water in the morning just after waking up helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body. It purifies blood, cleans skin cells, prevents cough, etc. In our bodies, enzymes are important to stimulate and due to the presence of lemon, the liver produces more enzymes in the body that helps our system perform its functions with no issues. It is like a treasure of vitamins and minerals that our body seeks to do its best. Lemon can also help in shedding some pounds, it helps in controlling our cholesterol levels, overeating, etc.



Cold Buttermilk with meals is a wonderful remedy to use against gastric problems. It helps in normalizing gastric acid and prevents irritation. It is a natural prebiotic drink that is known for stimulating digestion and relieving bloating. A pinch of black salt can enhance its potential to fight against gastric problems instantly.

The bacteria present in buttermilk helps in preventing gas build-up and bloating which are responsible for causing acid reflux. Butter has lactose which is a natural sugar of which many are intolerant. But it is likely to be easily digestive by many as well. So, the intake depends on what our system can digest. Buttermilk is advised to be taken in the morning rather than at night as after breakfast or lunch there will be physical activities that will automatically help us digest the milk but at night we just go to bed and fall asleep after spending the entire day doing buffering actions.

When we drink buttermilk daily, it lowers our blood pressure, gives protein which is essential for our strong bones, muscles, and of course skin. One cup of buttermilk contains 1 gram of protein which is similar to the one cup of low-fat milk. It keeps cholesterol levels healthy and due to being rich in potassium and phosphorus, it is kidney-friendly as well. So, it is another remedy to get rid of those irritating gastric problems in an instant manner.



Gastric problems are common to have. Not only the routine is responsible but also the quality of food that we intake without checking the elements it contains. A balanced diet is a must in all aspects. Do not ignore even general stomach issues because whatever we eat, directly goes to the stomach and is responsible for giving enough energy to our organs for proper functioning. There are many home remedies to get rid of such gastric issues instantly because it is not safe to visit a doctor right away if no one else is there to take us for an instant check-up and the irritation becomes unbearable at a point of time that doesn't let us walk a step ahead.

The above remedies are good for general use and to relieve the stomach for a time being but do not depend upon these remedies if the pain and condition get unbearable with time, just consult with a doctor and take proper medications before it turns chronic.

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