Tula Rashi – Characteristics Traits of Libra

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Tula Rashi – Characteristics Traits of Libra

The Tula Zodiac Sign, the 7th Hindu Zodiac, is represented by the Balancing Scales. Naturally, the word used here is 'Balance'. Not surprisingly, most of them are balancers - to varying degrees. And, since two scales are always two-dimensional, one-born Tula also has two sides in his personality and in his thinking.

For themselves, most of them will distance themselves from conflicts or disputes and will not prefer to create or create conflicts and disagreements.


Tula Rashi

Because of this feature, they make good team players. They are friendly, lovable, and lovable, they are also popular among their friends because they tend to play, be honest, and be team tactics for their teams.


People born under Tula Rashi have balanced and happy features on their face. They have a long neck, beautiful standing eyes made of almonds, a V-shaped chin, swollen cheeks, and lizards. They are moderately high and built and tend to gain weight in middle age. However, their appearance is cool and calm, and they have a lot of beauty and sensitivity.


The most outstanding quality of the Tula Zodiac Sign is their sense of balance in everything they do. Called scales, their knowledge has been flooded with ideas about measuring everything around them, whether at home or at work. What they want is to maintain harmony between the opposition parties. They also have very high levels and are therefore in high demand to find effective solutions. And because they are very energetic, and very alert and fast, but as they work hard, they tend to run out of smoke easily.

They tend to have emotional moments. Sometimes they sound positive, helpful, cheerful and friendly; however, in some cases, there will be an obscure dark aura around their heads. At such times they can be absolutely devastating and insensitive to the pain of others.


People born under this Rashi give great value to finding the right kind of person to make their life partner. Those who are already in love will do their best to keep it going. It is rare to find them lonely. They need to be surrounded by people.

Like lovers, they are clear, constructive, and balanced. They like to make their partners feel completely satisfied with both the conversation and the love. Their beauty and dedication to balancing others with them make them ideal partners.


They rarely have to deal with health problems because they like to look younger and better and do everything they can to stay fit, including regular exercise. But their problem areas can be the back, kidneys, and others. Frustration can easily get to them, especially if the relationship does not work out the way they want. They should avoid foods high in calories and alcohol, as this can lead to weight gain.

They are prone to skin diseases and eczema. And they should avoid excessive indulgence in anything, for panic and resentment are hardly fit for their weak principles and can lead to serious health problems. They should be careful about their health, eat nutritious food, and drink plenty of water. They should also try to exercise regularly. Yoga and meditation will be very useful.



They are mentally alert and outgoing, always eager to learn more. All kinds of work that requires the use of their minds are appealing, and they would like to make a living from this work. In their work, they need variety, consistency, and constant exchange of ideas. Given a good vision, a sense of justice, and a refined taste, they tend to do well in leadership and organizational roles.

They have a natural ability for art and beauty, and they excel in tasks that require them to associate with people, to teach, to advise, to direct and coordinate organizations. Therefore, they are well-qualified as strategists, judges, public relations advisors, counselors, psychologists, and artists.

Features of Libra:

  • The natives of Tula Rashi (Libra) are kind, gentle, and love beauty, harmony and peace. However, in their efforts to keep everyone happy, they find it difficult to say ‘No’ to anyone, and as a result, they end up under pressure. They have a lot of good features, but some bad ones, too.

  • Significant qualities: Thoughtful, impartial, kind, modest, adaptable, convincing, loving, happy, compassionate, kind, appealing, and balanced.

  • Unwanted personality traits: Self-doubt, impulsiveness, inclination, arrogance, and are often taken by the opinions of others.


Libra Feminine Traits:

Positive features: 

Lovely, kind, and attractive women are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They have a lovely personality. These clever and modest women are very polite and supportive, which helps them to solve many deceptive situations easily. They like to be surrounded by luxury and luxury and tend to flirt too much. They are best friends and loyal friends.

Negative traits:

Libra women can sometimes lose their temper suddenly. They often struggle to make ends meet as they tend to change their decision at the last minute. They can be very unexpected. There are two, and this can be frustrating at times.

Libra Male Traits:

Positive features:

The men of Tula Rashi want to do good and right, and it is impossible to allow anyone to enter into that basic need. A Libra man tries his best to please everyone. They believe that it is possible to keep everyone satisfied. Therefore, they always try to do the best for everyone involved.

Negative traits:

Libra men are easily taken for granted by the beauty of the outside world, to the point of disregarding the inner beauty of other people. One of the most difficult things for them to do is make a decision. When faced with a choice, it is very difficult for them to choose the best one for them, which can be a huge obstacle in their path.


The good news is that most Tula Rashi (Libra) natives can successfully rule their personality rather than use the gift of technology and communication to achieve positive results. They are loving and caring. They make good and beautiful partners. They are always well-packaged and handled for daily, party, and social distribution. Most of them are kind, respectful, and love goodness in all its forms. They love good health!

Veer Singh

Veer Singh