What do you Mean by Spiritual Aspects?

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What do you Mean by Spiritual Aspects?

The meaning of spirituality has been developed a lot in past years. Earlier spirituality referred to a religious process of re-formation that focuses on recovering the original shape of a man. And now in modern times, the term stands for both religious traditions and a way that widens the range of experience for a human being.


Meaning of Spirituality


Spirituality can’t be defined in a specific way, the more it has been defined the more it has been explored in depth. ‘Spirituality’ reflects the word spirit in it, and we all are familiar with what spirit does to us. 

In actuality, it’s a quality of being attached to the human spirit or soul as opposed to physical or materialistic things. It’s a state of being able to recognize that there is something much greater than ourselves, something which we can feel with all our senses that yes now the door to our hearts are not closed anymore.


Types of Spirituality


Getting in touch with ourselves and being attached to our souls is the major part of spirituality.


There are many ways to achieve them for the sake of our own benefit. Here are some common ones:


Mystical Spirituality-

This type of spirituality focuses on the institutional element of the soul. In this, people believe that every happening carries a reason with itself and the experiences we gain will always be united by what we faced.


Authoritarian Spirituality-

This type of spirituality is related to religious beliefs, which may cause conflicts due to rules of different religions because here people tend to neglect other religions.


Intellectual Spirituality-

The idea behind this spirituality is knowledge. In this, people love to gain knowledge of spiritual theories and gauge the information in-depth they get their hands on.


Service Spirituality-

This type of spirituality is the most common type of spirituality. In this, people gain peace by serving others- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The idea is to help others selflessly.


Social Spirituality-

This type of spirituality involves experiencing spiritual awakening surrounded by the people who are keen to make spirituality their preference.


Elements of Spirituality-


Ever thought regarding spirituality and the elements it involves. Ever wondered how we can become more spiritual and work on our personal growth.


Here are some common elements:



Spirituality must include being open and express freely. Open to ideas, choices, perception, preferences, decisions, options, possibilities, problems, solutions, learning, sharing and so more.



Trust is about not holding on. Trust that if you don't keep a hold over it, your emotions will remain the same. It’s like a belief that things will be in our favor when the time is right.



And when we become open and start trusting, we naturally learn to keep hopes. Hope that humanity still exists, hope that one day everything will fall in its right place.



Appreciation is such an amazing thing in itself because we appreciate with all our hearts and accept appreciation by all means. It’s a trick that ensures more blooming hearts and less tricky minds.



We must believe in God or the Universe, but also our institutions. Something that is out of our consciousness and knows what’s right for us than we know.


Ways of Spiritual Practices:


Ways of Spiritual Practices

Here are some ways of spiritual practices which can help us in achieving a true spiritual self and a peaceful life.


Path of Knowledge-

The main idea behind this practice is to give power to others. This practice revolves around ensuring an ultimate liberation to acquire knowledge as much as possible and also to gain knowledge about ourselves by studying, meditating, and contemplating.


Path of Devotion-

This practice ensures liberation from our egos. It revolves around devoting consciousness just to experience spiritual freedom and to become more spiritually aware by chanting, praying, and religious practices.


Path of Service-

This practice helps to activate selflessness. This is the way to liberate ourselves from rules and to gain the habit of giving rather than receiving.


Path of Energy-

The idea behind this practice involves purification of our body, mind, and soul to feel positive and full of energy by breathing, meditation, somatic techniques, etc.


Spirituality vs Religion


Many of us have often heard and also even used the terms religion and spirituality interchangeably. But they are not fully opposite, nor are they the same. And they have some similarities, but some differences as well. Religion is like a personal set or system of religious beliefs and practices; one that ensures the worship and service of God or the supernatural itself. 

On the other hand, Spirituality basically helps us to discard the fears and worries to live a peaceful and focused life. Spirituality encourages consciousness that supports all human beings to flaunt their way of living life. Choices and behavior are not done by fear of any punishment or rejection, but rather by a passion to end all sufferings in the hope to build a peaceful and joyful world for all. 

Both religious and spiritual beliefs differ in their own ways. Whichever path we choose to follow or practice will be the personal and subjective element that will help us in our journey of awakening.


New Age Spirituality:


New Age Spirituality

New age spirituality stands for a hostile core system of beliefs and practices that have emerged by the end of the twentieth century in the western world. Its foundation is built upon both eastern and western religious beliefs, practices and traditions as well.  The Secret and the Law of Attraction is a holistic approach to health, positive and motivational psychology. 

‘New Agers’ don’t limit their belief system and have no specific spiritual leader and no rigid belief system. Regardless of what we have been taught growing up, we still have the freedom to explore the world with our viewpoint that makes sense to us in actuality. And instead of conforming, we are free to choose our own set of spiritual guidelines. 

Meditation is the one core practice that reflects new age spirituality and not only it helps us feel relaxed from stress and anxiety, but also regular meditation brings up many health benefits naturally. The concept of stillness is simple and beneficial. New age spirituality identifies this needed goal and enables followers to discover it through their own means. It opens the door to experience a spiritual reawakening for all of us and validates the nourishment of our souls.


Spirituality and Mental Health:


Spirituality and Mental Health

Stable mental health is a need for many. Ability to take actions cautiously, tolerance capacity, accepting reality, confronting circumstances, courage to take risk, flexibility, etc. are the major features of mental health. Spirituality plays a significant role in our mental health. 

Lack of spirituality can act as a barrier to our relationships. Psychology says that a lack of interest in religious activities is a common symptom of depression and anxiety. From the spiritual perspective, there is a difference between cure and healing. 

With cure, only a part can be cured, but healing ensures the improvement of the whole person. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that spirituality has many aspects that can help us be us naturally.


Conclusion :- 


Nothing can affect us if we are connected to our soul. When we start valuing our inner peace, our lives automatically become less complicated and more sought. So, let’s value ourselves and freely discard what doesn’t pacify us.

Veer Singh

Veer Singh